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Перевести  embossing powder super fine metallic bundle gold, silver, platinum and copper, 15ml. Free перевести  embossing powder silver detail ep257 4. Embossing powder silver detail (opaque) ep257 clear crisp silver lines. Great on dark colored cardstock! Silver detail is a fine detail embossing powder перевести  embossing powder frantage aged scarlet embossing enamel. 8 left best bulk price 14lb clear detailed embossing powder. Lindys stamp gang 2 tone embossing powder перевести  embossing powder love letter metallics, 1oz jar. Only 4 left! Only 4 left! Embossing powder yellow tinsel, 1oz jar. 2018  our embossing powder can be packed in all kinds of volume, also in all kinds of pots, jars packages or anything you want. Our embossing powders can be used for many different design creations in your life. Whats more, we can provide all tools including embossing pen and embossing перевести  shop embossing powder and tools for head embossing to make beautiful paper crafting projects. Перевести  the technique of heat embossing with colored powders produces a variety of effects depending on the colors of the paper and embossing powder used. In this article, we will demonstrate how to achieve a variety of effects using one type of ink pad with five different colors of embossing powder перевести  turn up the heat with embossing powder and glitters.


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